About Dot Brandt

Here is my process from photo to finished work...

Case Study 1: Orchids

Stage 1

The client sent me this photo as a point of reference.
The main goal specified by the client was to capture the colors and the unique beauty of this particular orchid species.

Stage 2

Using the photograph as a point of reference, I played with the composition a bit to create an arrangement that I felt was more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
After client approval of the composition, I continued on, applying the underlying bright colors.

Stage 3

In order to maintain the luminosity, a transparent glaze was applied, giving the petals richness and depth.

Stage 4

The final touches were then applied, giving detail to each individual bloom. The finished painting brings out the sparkling beauty of the original photograph while showcasing the perspective of the artist’s eye. The final result was a proud painter and a very satisfied client!

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